Individual and Group Coaching

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Individual and Group Coaching provides you with the opportunity to work with a personal coach who will create a personalized training program based on your current fitness level and goals in any distance from the short sprints up to a full marathon.

We also work with organizations to help prepare for a charity race or friends looking to tackle a half marathon together. Group coaching offers an opportunity to work together with your friends and coworkers to achieve your goals.

Services include:

  • Couch to 5k – $90

A 12-week program that helps the individual advance from a non-runner to a 5k finisher, while improving fitness and lifestyle. The plan is created based on the goals and current fitness levels of the participant following an initial one-on-one consultation with the coach either in person, over the phone or via email. We are flexible!

  • Half/Full-Marathon Training – 12 weeks:$150 / 16 weeks:$200

We provide the participant with a fully customized training program for either 12 weeks or 16 weeks based on the goals, current fitness level and prior running experience of the athlete. If the amount of registrants exceeds 10 runners per session, a Saturday or Sunday group run will be offered as an addition to the program.

  • Indiv/Group Coaching Sessions – 1:$65 per hr / 2:$45 per hr / 3+:$35 per hr

Coaching sessions offer the athlete an opportunity to meet one on one with a personal coach. We can help you through a track workout or show you the in and outs of a proper warmup and stretching routine.

Post-collegiate Elite Team

Our goal is to provide post-collegiate athletes with the opportunity to continue training and racing at a high level. Athletes recruited into our program will have access to our state-of-the-art facility and highly qualified practitioners and coaches offering them the chance to work toward reaching the next level. Along with access to top-level facilities and staff, each athlete will be offered a package that includes the possibility for monetary compensation, apparel, shoes and other incentives.

USATF/AAU Club Program

Our youth athletics program offers children ages 5-18 the opportunity to compete in both cross country and track and field on the USATF and AAU youth running circuits. Our team will be fully sanctioned by both governing bodies and will give young athletes a chance to train and race under the guidance of certified coaches and trainers, while developing a dedicated work ethic and enjoying the camaraderie of being part of a team.


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