Strength and Conditioning

Our strength and conditioning and sports performance training are a great resource for speed, agility, power, flexibility, conditioning, strength enhancement and recovery. We offer innovative and customized strength training workouts to help you achieve your fitness and performance goals, while educating you on injury prevention and proper mechanics.

Whether you are a recreational athlete, weekend warrior, elite athlete, or are simply interested in getting healthier, our performance enhancement program can provide you with the knowledge and services you need to achieve your goals. Our training programs include:

One-On-One Sports Performance

The goal of individualized sports performance training is to develop the necessary athletic skills an athlete needs to be successful in sport and, ultimately, stand out as a premier athlete within their sport.  Individualized training is an intensive program designed to assess, educate and develop the athlete to their maximum potential.

  • Ages 8-11 years:  Fundamental training that utilizes the young athlete’s body’s ability to learn new skills.  Within this training, priority is placed on balance training, core strengthening and movement mechanics.
  • Ages 12-14 years: This is the next phase of training in which competitive performance skills and tasks are developed.  Fundamental training continues but new skills and training variables that stimulate the neuromuscular system, such as strength and plyometric training, power development and training to improve joint integrity, are added to the more intense curriculum.
  • Ages 15+ years:  With a fundamental level of skills developed in speed, strength and agility, it is important to fine-tune all of the athlete’s skills to maximize their athletic performance.  The training program is individualized to develop each athlete’s areas of weakness, enhance technique, improve power production and increase speed and agility.
  • College and Professional:  The RACE programs for college and professional athletes are developed to allow athletes to peak appropriately and push them beyond their limitations to achieve elite athletic performance.  Whether it is implementing a previously designed off-season program or creating a year-long program, we will ensure the athlete meets their goals and fine-tunes their athletic skills.

Small-Group and Team Sports Performance Training

The goal of small group and team training is to teach athletes to work in a group setting to accomplish their goals, while improving athletic and sport-specific skills.  Group training will ensure every athlete is learning the same skill sets and will serve to strengthen the bond of the team.  General injury risk trends will be determined and, when combined with the goals established by the coaching staff and/or the athletes, a program will be designed and implemented to enhance sport performance, decrease the risk of injury and produce a more well-rounded athletic team.

Adult Training

Designed for the active adult looking for a fun and exciting challenge, the adult training program will help individuals set appropriate goals and work toward achieving those goals, learn how to perform exercises appropriately and learn how to develop overall healthy living strategies.  Whether in a one-on-one or group setting, individuals will participate in a variety of training styles that are fun, fast-paced and educational each session.

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