Gait Video Analysis

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Gait Analysis


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We are firm believers that one can significantly reduce the potential for developing an injury since most running injuries are a result of training errors and/or biomechanical abnormalities, which can be improved or eliminated with proper guidelines.

The running gait analysis is performed using two state-of-the-art systems: Sport Motion and OptoGait. Based on the results, we are able to identify areas for improvement and examine potential sources of injury and make appropriate recommendations based on your evaluation.

By using two of the most sophisticated systems available, we can perform gait analysis with the highest accuracy and reliability, while providing us with the ability to:

  • Assess your performance and physical condition
  • Identify any muscular deficiencies and measure tolerance to diverse workloads
  • Develop customized and diversified training and rehabilitation programs based on tests results
  • Check the effectiveness of treatment as well as provide tangible evidence of progress


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